Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yeah, what they said

Found this over at Ranting's of a Sandmonkey


Moving towards a divided world


An excerpt;

You know, in 10 years or so I can totally see this world divided up into two very different worlds: One, where the citizens of the  so called advanced and civilized nations get to have their full political rights and freedom (freedom pf speech, democracy, blah blah), but won't have the right or freedom to do much else, because "it's bad for them"; and the other, made up of "less advanced nations", where you won't really have your full- or any- political rights, but you could do whatever you damn well please otherwise.


A nice bit of back and forth in the comments as well.  I thought it went well with my earlier post "A Liberal Dichotomy" although I don't think I expressed myself as well as I wanted to.



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