Monday, December 1, 2008

What's next? Gray DUI?

Found this over at Hillbilly White Trash. Somehow I ended up at this post at

Lois Feldman of Carroll, Iowa. Who says she does not recall stumbling drunkenly into the men's room during a football game at the University of Minnesota Metrodome last weekend, having sex with a stranger 12 years her junior in a stall as a crowd assembled to watch and cheer or even being subsequently arrested by the police

it sounds like she was…raped? Not that Feldman is using that term.

it's possible Feldman was the victim of what Cosmo last year controversially termed gray rape

Are you serious? Too drunk to "consent" to sex so then it's rape? That sort of justification gives every drunk driver the excuse that they couldn't make an informed decision not to drive because they were legally too impaired to make the decision.

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