Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bank bombings, a right wing epidemic?


Deafening Silence posted this entry comparing the Woodburn bombing suspects with the Aspen suspect.


A particular section:


Not long after that, a liberal website discovered photos that were said to be Joshua Turnidge's girlfriend posing with an automatic weapon.  He had to be a right-wing gun nut, it said.  No doubt a Republican who learned bomb construction by attending gun shows.  Obviously a Neo-Nazi.  They're the ones who form violent militias, aren't they?


I've also had some 'conversations' with others who claim, in all seriousness, that Josh Turnridge's Iron cross tattoo, picture of his girlfriend with a rifle, and the family's financial donations to the GOP all add up to them being neo-nazi, gun nut, right-wing anti-government types.


That's reaching a bit.

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